How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Invitation?

After setting the wedding date and the temporary location, the next important decision is to choose a wedding invitation. With a wide variety of wedding invitation styles and price points, this decision can sometimes be overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect wedding invitation for the big day.

Number of people to invite

You may not have a specific number yet, but you can set the number of guests to invite less than 100 or 200-300. On the day of the wedding, it is very important to express your wishes and ideas for a big wedding (with many guests) or a small wedding (close friends with your family). With this guest estimate in mind, you can determine your wedding invitation budget.


In calculating the cost of a wedding invitation, it is appropriate to set aside about 3% of the total wedding budget. This means that if you have budgeted $ 20,000 for your wedding, you may spend up to $ 600 on your wedding invitation. Wedding invitation costs range from up to $ 1,000 per $ 100 for the highest end and up to $ 70 per $ 100 for the ultimate purpose.

Plan and order early:

It’s a good idea to start early when choosing a wedding invitation. You and your partner need time to investigate and discuss the various options available for invitations. If you look early, you may have time to ask for samples from some companies. If you order a wedding invitation at least 6 months in advance, you will have time to print out the invitation and correct any errors that may occur while printing. You should also consider the time it takes to put the invitation together and send it out to give you enough time for a response. While processing invitations, plan to order extra 20-25 invitations in case you need it by mistake or if you need to add additional guests to the list.

A kind of wedding invitation:

3-4 types of stationery are popular and most couples opt for wedding invitations NYC. Prices for these different types of stationery vary greatly depending on how invitations are made. The following are the common types of stationery used for wedding invitations.


Wedding invitations of this kind are relatively inexpensive, popular and easy to find. This type of invitation can be used for a simple wedding. Thermal imaging creates an optical illusion of text raised through the printing process, heating it with a mixture of ink and resin chemicals to give the printed text a soft look. The heating process involved in this type of invitation creation requires the use of the right combination of paper and ink.

Print offset:

Wedding invitations of this type use everyday printing. Prints may look normal, but this kind of invitation still elegantly advertises your wedding.


Wedding invitations of this kind are usually very expensive and reserved for formal weddings. Engraved invitations are commonly used to advertise very traditional style weddings. This type of invitation is expensive because the engraver must first affix the image or message onto a copper plate, ink the plate and then push down the plate. This puts letters on paper. Due to all the steps needed to make this type of wedding invitation, this method takes a lot of time and you have to wait a few weeks for the invitation to be ready.


Embossed invitations are very luxury but very expensive. Like the engraved invitations, the prints printed on this type of wedding invitations look great, but the technology used to create these types of invitations can make your budget difficult.


This handicraft invitation is elegant and refined but must be done by skilled and hard-to-find painters. You can also find printers that do calligraphy on printed invitations. Of course, handwriting is cheaper than handwritten calligraphy, but it may not be more elegant than handwritten calligraphy.

After you have decided on a wedding invitation, uniformly order all the required wedding phrases, such as a response card and a thank you card.

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