Types Of Shipping Containers

Regardless of the kind of goods being transported the foremost essential for all these is the container. No goods in bulk can reach their destination safely unless they are carried in a safe carrier like a container. Whether you are going to shipping container hire for the container rental or you are looking for the buy used shipping containers it is important to learn that what type of container you actually need. This will facilitate the buyer to get the best from the container sales.  

Dry storage container These shipping containers are the ones which are mostly used for shipping goods. These containers are available in various sizes as standardized by ISO. These containers are mainly used for the shipping of dry material. They are available in the sizes of 20ft, 40ft, and 10ft. 

Flat Rack Container These containers have collapsible sides. It is an easy to handle container as the sides can be comfortably folded converting it into a flat rack. This gives a larger room to keep huge goods.   

Open top container If you are going to transport some heightened goods then it is better to use the open top container. The top of the container is fitted with a top that can be completely removed to hold the goods. Containers with partially removable tops are also available. 

Tunnel container This is an extremely useful container that has doors on both sides of the container thus making it look like a tunnel. Goods like vehicles are transported in these containers. 

Double door containers When a wider interior is required, double door containers are used. These containers are made out of sturdy materials. With large dimensions of 20 to 40 feet, it becomes easy to load and unload the materials and goods that require a greater space.  

Open side container In these kinds of container one side can be completely or partially removed to accommodate the heavier goods. In these containers, the side can be replaced with a metal net side.  

Refrigerated containers Goods like food items need to be transported at very low temperature. The temperature is kept very low to preserve the natural moisture. Once the food items like poultry, fish, prawns, fruits, and vegetables are stored at this low temperature.  

Thermal containers Just like the materials requiring low temperatures, there are some that need to be transported at very high temperatures. These containers are insulated to keep the place inside warm enough. special insulating materials are used for their making. It is not a good idea to get the used shipping container of this type. 

The tanks These are cylindrical containers that are used to transport liquid materials. They are made of steel as it is strong, long lasting and does not rust easily. Hence they make the perfect container for the liquids. For more information, please log on to https://www.cboxcontainers.com.au/. container-ships


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